Analysing the tracks in a Shared Space

mobimera is a research and consulting start up in the field of urban road design and traffic organisation. The start up was founded by Robert Schönauer in 2009 to apply software and telecommunication technologies to improve transport planning and optimisation. The foccii are on the research of microsimulation of traffic flow and its application.

The company's philosophy has its roots in the idea to develop traffic related life qualities as safety and air cleanness as well as further use of public space.

People strongly react to a roads function suggested by the design and its surrounding. Its our mission to show HOW. With traffic miicrosimulation studies we can show the traffic organises and point out strength and weakneses. Scientific backup helps planning and discussing road designs and can transparently show the system wide impact of traffic measures.


analyses urban transportation systems
does research on
traffic flow and interactions on the road
offers consulting
private and public organisations in transport and environmental technologies