Projects MixMe

MixME (2010-2012)

Mixed Traffic Microsimulation Environment

Consortial research project, federally funded by the bmvit within the initiative ways2go (IV2Splus) of the ffg.

Based on the findings of a concept study, a microsimulation model of mixed traffic will be implemented to evaluate its applicability to certain urban scenarios. It is the major aim to
describe interaction processes between motorised and unmotorised traffic as well the effect of infrastructural parameters and layouts. Calibration and validation is undertaken on the
basis of real world data, generated by semiautomated tracking and classification of video footage.


Project partners:

AIT Austrian Institute of Technology -Mobility & Energy / Österreichisches Forschungs- und Prüfzentrum Arsenal Ges.m.b.H.

Rosinak&Partner ZT GmbH

TU Graz - Institut für Straßen- und Verkehrswesen

SLR Engineering OG